Yoga - Tips for Those Taking Their First Class

Yoga is a series of postures or poses that are performed for a period of time while doing breathing exercises or meditation. It has become increasingly popular over the past two decades as a form of fitness and stress release. It is said to calm your body and mind to help with balance.

To those new to yoga, it can seem a bit mysterious, serious, and overwhelming. Attending your first class can be stressful if you don't know what to expect. Below I have compiled a list of straightforward tips for attending your first yoga class.

Most gyms now have regular yoga classes for different levels. Instead of enrolling in an expensive private yoga school straight off the bat, I recommend starting with a beginner class to see if yoga is right for you. Some people prefer to do their exercises a little more vigor, but some people take yoga quickly, so it is best to test it before going out for private lessons. Classes at a dedicated yoga school will be better and are often designed according to different levels and styles.

Your yoga teacher can seriously affect your yoga experience. You should look around and find a teacher you like. If you spend the entire class pondering your teacher’s annoying voice or the unusual whistle of your nose, you won't leave the class feeling focused or relaxed. The relationship between a yoga instructor and a student is believed to be the most important part of yoga.

It is best to wait four to five hours after eating before going to a yoga class. As you digest your food, there are a lot of gases inside you. Yoga works to release these gases. If you've just eaten, you're going to fart in class. The positions put pressure on your stomach and massages your internal organs. Food = Farts. Many yoga classes have experienced massive explosions of gas. Save yourself the embarrassment, stop eating until after school, and definitely don't go to yoga in the morning if you've had fried food the night before, this prompts yoga humiliation.

It is common for junior classes to be interrupted by bouts of laughter. This is why it is best to start with a beginners class. Yoga instructors often tell you to center the anus, focus on the rectum, or even practice a downward facing dog. It's funny the first hundred times. Throw out all your laughs away in junior classes with everyone else. Serious yogis don't find the anus a funny thing.

If you are over 50, in poor condition, have a pre-existing medical condition or are pregnant, be sure to consult your doctor and yoga teacher. This is when special classes come in handy. If you have specific health needs, a private coach can tailor a private session for you and can help you improve your postures. There are classes for people over 40 and pregnant women, so find the right class for you.