The Link Between Raw Foods and Yoga (Part I)

Do you know that many yogasanas are done with raw foods. Although they do not clearly define pre-served food, they are known to offer clean, organic food for retreats.

Many yoga practitioners and teachers (especially from India) advocate and support healthy alternatives to live foods. Books on yoga and raw food mixing are also easily found in India.

Then what is the relationship between these two elements that makes it such an important combination? When we go deeper than the surface, there are actually many similarities between these two processes, making them a synergy combination.

Mainly, most people practice yoga for health and wellness reasons. Many people will agree that they feel refreshed, energetic, lighter after doing yoga. Some also report miraculous healing experiences. Similarly, anyone who eats a healthy and vibrant diet can experience health benefits and even positive health changes. Eliminating harmful foods reduces digestive stress and healthy, natural foods nourish the body. Yoga and raw food makes the body strong.

Second, yoga is an exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere without any other additional equipment. Traditional yoga is practiced on the floor. We only do this on Matt, a resident of the modern city. Yoga is somehow viewed as a "raw" activity - it does nothing but your mind and body, with which we are born. When you eat raw and live foods, you are only using fresh fruits and vegetables, unripe fresh nuts and seeds - and these are purely the nature of nature. No spices, additives, preservatives or other harmful substances are added. These living foods are produced abundantly by Mother Earth. We were born to eat and digest them, and these are our natural foods.

Now let's go a little deeper. The core of yoga teachings is non-violence in thoughts and actions. Yogis practice this above all because this principle, when properly followed, establishes other principles of yoga. Likewise, many raw vegetarian people have found that living food nutrition is catching up with nature. By eating natural foods, they practice working with nature while taking care of their body and environment.

Perhaps the most interesting note is the ego. Learn yoga to overcome selfish thoughts and get out. Healing occurs when eating raw foods because we take in the true power of our body which is toxic and harmful. The body becomes strong and the mind is pure. When we finally stop working against our body's natural intelligence, miracles happen.

One of the principles of yoga taught is to let go of our attachment to physical elements and even to our body. A person who cares a lot about how he handles his body; And Khushi looks her chubby / thin / muscular / thin / beautiful / ugly. The purpose of yoga is to make our body feel good only by feeling, and it does this by training the mind and body to work together. When a person eats raw vegetables, there is no room for processed, highly aromatic and other harmful substances. We do not need to do anything other than what Mother Nature offers us, and do not require any additives for good taste. Like yoga, where the body and mind adopt different postures, raw foods combine and combine various natural foods to create delicious foods that nourish the body and the soul.
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