Eating Yoga - A perspective from the world's largest vegan food

Food for Life Global represents the world's largest vegan food relief. With its roots in the Vedic food culture of India, projects in 50 countries, a strong legacy of respect for the environment, and a current distribution of more than 1,500,000 meals per day, the charity has begun to make a major impact on global awareness.

Just like us, animals feel pain. It is true that they may not possess human intelligence, but they have feelings while they are alive, breathing conscious beings like humans. Acknowledgment of this fact is the basis of a truly human society.

Since food is very essential in everyone's life. It is naturally the most effective way to initiate a change in consciousness. We have all had the experience of sitting down to a meal cooked with love and have felt an instant shift in awareness and mutual love of the person who cooked the meal. The truth is that when food is prepared with love, the food can speak any language. Food like this has the power to break down barriers, convert anger into love, fear into confidence and ignorance into enlightenment.

When a person lives consciously, he will do so in all of his thoughts and actions. They will complete their surroundings and will not disturb them. Living consciously begins with conscious eating.

Food is the most important necessity of life. The sole purpose is to nourish the body, mind and spirit. So food should give life, purify the body, and lift our spirit. Old, decomposed food consisting of dead flesh contaminates the body and consciousness, while fresh, live and nutritious food enriches the body, purifies the mind, and satisfies the soul.

Taking this conscious eating a step further, when we realize the equality of all beings, it will be natural for us to share the bounty of the earth with others and give up all selfish tendencies. World hunger is an example of this, because the issue is not a lack of food resources, but an inequitable distribution.

So a truly conscious person does not respect other sentient beings; They honor the environment, love their body, and treat it as if it were a temple. They live their lives in full awareness of their connection to their surroundings. Such a spiritual perspective is the basis of the Indian Vedic hospitality culture on which the Food for Life program is built.

A conscious person adopts a lifestyle that is socially responsible and totally environmentally respectful. By realizing our human responsibility to preserve and protect the environment and other forms of life, we will learn to love and not take advantage of our brothers. The same applies to our choice of clothing and habitat.

The beginning of this journey begins with raising our awareness with the tongue. Never underestimate the strength of the board. What you put on your plate is a political statement to the world as much as it is a mirror of who you really are.

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